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Technology Provider Pricing Tiers

REALTOR.ca DDF® is Canada's most trusted and relied-upon syndication service for real estate listing data. Introducing a service fee for access to data feeds places REALTOR.ca DDF® in a better position to support and innovate on the current DDF® platform. 

The pricing model below is based on the total number of feeds accessed and assigned to the Technology Partner. New Technology Providers will be subject to a $500 onboarding fee.

The following chart shows the pricing tiers.

 Number of Data Feeds    Cost Per Year        Cost Per Quarter 
 0-5                     $0.00 CAD            $0.00 CAD
 6-10                    $1,200.00 CAD        $300.00 CAD
 11-20                   $2,400.00 CAD        $600.00 CAD
 21-30                   $3,600.00 CAD        $900.00 CAD
 31-50                   $5,000.00 CAD        $1,250.00 CAD
 51-100                  $8,000.00 CAD        $2000.00 CAD
 101-150                 $12,000.00 CAD       $3,000.00 CAD
 151-200                 $17,000.00 CAD       $4,250.00 CAD
 201-250                 $23,000.00 CAD       $5,750.00 CAD
 251-300                 $29,500.00 CAD       $7,375.00 CAD
 301 +                   $36,000.00 CAD       $9,000.00 CAD

Frequently Asked Questions

1.     How are we invoiced, and can we prepay for the entire year?

Invoices will be processed quarterly based on the number of data feeds a technology provider operates. CREA does not allow a technology provider to prepay for the entire year.

2.     What happens if I move to a higher or lower tier?

Your data feeds will be reflected in your pricing tiers at the start of each quarter. Any changes throughout the quarter will be reflected in your pricing for the next billing cycle.

3.     Will I get a refund if I move from a more expensive tier to a cheaper tier in one quarter?

The pricing is based on the business's data feeds at the start of each quarter.

4.     How frequently am I billed?

Tech providers are billed quarterly based on the current number of data feeds they operate.

5.     There seems to be a mistake; I only have X data feeds.

DDF® processes invoices based on the number of data feeds sent to your company. The technology Partner manages and controls the number of data feeds before a billing cycle. Please visit https://support.crea.ca/DDF/Home/Login to manage your active data feeds.

6.     How do I pay?

Upon receipt of the invoice, companies can pay via cheque, credit card, or ETF. Our banking information and address will be included in our invoice.

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